Dariusz Wasser


Dariusz Wasser has been for many years a member of the Competition Law Association and provides consultancy in the field of unfair market competition. He has extensive experience in recovering so-called shelf fees from retailers (Leroy-Merlin, Castorama, OBI et. al.). He represents suppliers in disputes regarding the return of premiums / bonuses from trading, marketing fees and other such fees illegally collected by the markets.

Dariusz specialises in contract drafting for the purpose of business transactions. He advises on the issues related to entering into, performing and terminating contracts. He also provides services in the field of contracts legal audit.

Successfully represents clients in the processes concerning the protection of intellectual property. Since many years engaged in projects related to the enforcement of rights to trademarks, fighting fraud in this area (counterfeit goods on the model of the original brand, trademark registration in bad faith, disputes about the extinction of the rights to the registered trade mark etc.).

He specialises also in compensation proceedings in respect of improper performance or non-performance of contracts (including disputes relating to construction contracts, disputes relating to defects of items of sale, disputes regarding payment of liquidated damages or mutual settlements of accounts after termination of the contract), as well as litigation in respect of damages for accidents (including proceedings relating to payment of compensation for damage, compensation for incurred medical expenses, or pension for damages). In the course of amicable resolution of disputes, he negotiated and developed numerous settlement agreements.

Dariusz also advises on the public procurement matters. He has authored numerous legal opinions in this area. In order to broaden his knowledge and its practical application in the ongoing support of Clients, he has completed a postgraduate course in public procurement law at the University of Warsaw.


Jagiellonian University, a Master’s degree at the faculty of law.

Attorney training at the District Bar Association in Warsaw.

A postgraduate course in public procurement law at the University of Warsaw.


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Dariusz Wasser