Shelf fees

We have experience and high efficiency in the recovery for our clients so-called shelf fees. It is about various types of illegal payments forced on suppliers by retailers, supermarkets, warehouses and even more shops. Providers trading with the large stores know very well what are bonuses, premiums from the market, after-sales discounts, fees logistics, marketing funds, etc. This type of load often consume up to 40% of their revenues leading the company on the verge of bankruptcy.

Our experience shows that getting a favorable judgment takes an average of 9 to 18 months. Thanks standards developed by us, we are able to quickly and efficiently collect the evidence needed to bring an action without disturbing your current activity.

Our remuneration in such cases is based on a combination of:

  1. the success fee calculated and charged from the amount that will affect your account after the final completion of the process and
  2. one-time initial fee.

The proposed settlement model in connection with a low cost of initiating the process gives you the opportunity to recover from the chains of significant amounts with minimal own resources.

Sample list of shelf fees:

  • Bonus / bonus turnover / annual bonus / cash bonus
  • Promotion fee / budget
  • Marketing fee / service charge of marketing sales support
  • Payment for newspaper / banners / flyer
  • Sales intensification services fee
  • Entrance fee
  • Remuneration for consulting / business reports / sales statistics
  • Payment for the services of information and consultancy / assortment support
  • Post-trade rebate / post-sale discount
  • Logistics services fees
  • CRM services payment
  • EDI fees (Electronic Data Interchange)
  • Exhibitions discount
  • Birthday card
  • New stores replanishment discount / discount for the opening
  • New products discount
  • The program of rapid payment etc.