Ongoing support of businesses

Entrepreneurs conducting economic activities in Poland are forced to meander in the environment of constantly changing and unclear regulations. With us, Clients are able to concentrate on their business operations without the need to continually engage in complex legal issues. An important factor in the economic success is the speed of the decision making process and creativity.

This is exactly how we operate: we are fast and creative. We provide our Clients with regular legal services, including:

  • advice on matters relating to the current operation of enterprises;
  • negotiation and preparation of agreements associated with the business activity;
  • representation of entrepreneurs in disputes with their business partners, employees and state administration authorities;
  • provision of ongoing tax advice;
  • giving opinions on economic projects and provision of ongoing legal assistance;
  • ensuring legal security of our Clients;
  • recovery of receivables of our Clients.

In order to provide our Clients with comprehensive services, we constantly work together with reliable and trusted notaries, patent attorneys, auditors, property appraisers, tax advisors and bailiffs.