Criminal matters

We have a team of experienced lawyers specialising in criminal law. We defend the accused (suspects), and actively support victims of crimes. Our services in criminal law include, in particular:

  • defending the accused (suspects) in the course of investigation and prosecution,
  • defending of the convict in enforcement proceedings (e.g. parole, electronic monitoring),
  • representation of crime victims – natural and legal persons, in the course of investigation and prosecution,
  • conducting “classical” crime cases (e.g. crimes against: health, property, traffic safety, sexual freedom and morality, family and care),
  • conducting criminal-economic matters (e.g. liability of members of bodies of companies, business transaction crimes, criminal liability of employers, criminal liability of entrepreneurs in the pharmaceutical sector),
  • conducting criminal-fiscal matters, in the course of which we cooperate with experienced tax advisors and auditors.

Our offer in criminal law is targeted at anyone who needs professional help, both natural persons and entrepreneurs. Due to the specific character of criminal proceedings, in cases requiring urgent and immediate response, our lawyer, Bartłomiej Dobosiewicz, is available 24 hrs a day on his mobile.