Employee matters

We comprehensively advise on matters related to the employment of workers. Our offer in the field of labor law is aimed at both employers and employees. Our services include, in particular:

  • preparation of employment contracts and accompanying agreements (non-competition, confidentiality agreements) and managerial contracts,
  • development of regulations (work regulations, remuneration or bonus policies),
  • representation in litigation before labour courts,
  • advice during inspections of the State Labour Inspectorate,
  • preparation of statements regarding employment termination,
  • preparation of appeals to labour courts, regarding termination of employment,
  • advice on collective employment agreements, support in discussions with trade unions,
  • advice in the processes of transition of the company to a new employer,
  • support in the employment restructuring process (e.g. collective redundancies),
  • development of internal employment policies (anti-mobbing or anti-discrimination policies),
  • employers training conduction.

We focus on practical problem solution. We conduct audits regarding compliance of employee documentation with labour laws. We provide training for employers and their employees. We support HR departments of our Clients in the ongoing application of labour regulations. Taking into account the specific character of employee matters, we strive to find an amicable solution in each case.