Environmental protection law

We give advice in matters related to environmental protection law, with particular focus on its requirements in the investment and construction process.

We support our Clients in procedures regarding, e.g. the issue of decisions on environmental conditions, assessment of environmental impact of the project, and its influence on Natura 2000 areas.

In particular, our advisory services include:

  • evaluation and minimisation of legal risks related to the environmental impact of existing or proposed activities;
  • solving problems connected with liability for environmental damage, including historical pollution;
  • obtaining and transferring the rights and obligations under integrated permits, gas and dust emission permits, waste production permits, permits required by the Water Law Act, and other decisions related to the environmental impact of conducted activities,
  • proceedings before environmental protection authorities – WIOŚ, RDOŚ and UM,
  • proceedings regarding participation of communities in environmental protection, provision of access to information on the environment, waste management, hazardous waste.

We are experienced in the preparation and implementation of the Environmental and Social Action Plan – ESAP, and the Corporate Integrated Environmental, Social and Health and Safety Plan - ESHS), which ensure the consistency of activities and guarantee the smooth implementation of recommendations of EBOiR (EBRD), as the financing/co-financing body.