Real Estate. Construction process

We are experts in matters related to real estate and construction process. We give advice to property owners, landlords, tenants, investors, contractors and other participants of the construction process.

Our experience and range of services include, inter alia:

  • verification and organisation of the legal status of real estate;
  • preparation of real estate for investment purposes;
  • support of the investment process in all administrative and civil aspects;
  • assistance in obtaining decisions associated with the investment process, including the decision on the environmental conditions, zoning, building and occupancy permits;
  • real estate transactions, including the preparation and negotiation of contracts, as well as advisory services at the stage of contract implementation;
  • advice in terms of planning and zoning, as well as property management (including local zoning plans, theories of urban planning, split and merge of real estate);
  • preparation, negotiation and advice at the stage of implementation of agreements related to the construction process (including contracts for geodetic and cartographic construction, design work, construction work, consortia, investment substitution, good-neighbourliness agreements)
  • support in property management;
  • advice on procedures related to environmental protection;
  • advice in terms of financing and securing transactions;
  • optimisation of the structure of real estate transactions, including tax aspects.

We represent our Clients in administrative and court proceedings related to real estate, including planning and development of property, perpetual usufruct fees, property taxes, betterment and planning fees, expropriation of property, return of expropriated property, transfer of road plot to the commune in the process of property division, obligation of the municipality to purchase a private water supply and sewerage systems.