Transformations and capital restructuring of companies

We have extensive business experience, and we understand the needs of our Clients and the specific character of their business activities. We realise that improving the efficiency of a business often requires changes in the organisation of the assets required for its conduct or changes in the ownership structure of the entrepreneur.

We advise on transformation of companies and development of recovery plans. We participate in the division of companies and separation of organised parts of businesses in order to arrive at the optimal ownership and capital structure. We accompany entrepreneurs in the composition and bankruptcy proceedings.

In the restructuring process, we support entrepreneurs, inter alia, by:

  • renegotiating the repayment terms of financing;
  • establishing new collaterals or rearranging the order of the existing ones;
  • obtaining new financing;
  • making deductions or conversion of liabilities into stocks/shares;
  • division or transformation of the legal form in which businesses operate;
  • sale of property or financial assets (in the form of transactions on individual assets or the entire company);
  • acquisition of liabilities.